From FAT to FIT – A true story

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The cold hard truth

 “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”

― Winston Churchill

Just like many Malaysians out there, Gerald Chew Guan has let his health and diet slide whilst climbing the career ladder right out of a University in Australia when he came back to the motherland aka Food Haven.


It all started when a friend took a photo of him lounging in a lazy chair and then sat him down to deliver the cold hard truth: weighing close too 100 kgs he knew it was time for him to change his lifestyle and eating habits.


The challenge and the success story

It’s always easier said than done, people preach about eating clean and healthy but what really constitute clean or healthy? It was difficult to get in motion with the vague idea of eating clean, what more to apply it to our daily lives, and to do it well every day. It’s not easy, but Gerald did it.

He started with a struggle – preparing homecooked meals with good complex carb, but it took a lot of time, effort and planning. He tried to prepare food portions for the rest of the week so he can stay on track. While on his eating clean journey, eventually he stumbled upon Goodness Greens Café hidden in his friendly neighbourhood of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail(TTDI). Then it all suddenly made sense and seemed extremely doable at this point to continuously eat clean for a longer period of time with time and less effort invested.

Gerald very much appreciated the variety of deliciously healthy balanced meals offered here at Goodness Greens Café. One highlight that blew his taste buds was the simplest thing of all: Chicken Breast. He never knew something as simple as chicken breast could be cooked to perfection – so clean yet so good.

Goodness Greens’ chicken breast is lightly grilled and seasoned with black pepper, salt and some spices to enhance the taste. He frequents Goodness Greens Café, as often as 3-5 times a week sometimes even twice in a day for breakfast and then he returns for dinner due to the averagely priced, value for money balanced meals where he can truly feel these are calories well spent. Seeing that Gerald eats out almost every meal with his girlfriend, Jacq and their family members, he takes this opportunity as the perfect family bonding time over a deliciously healthy meal where they can catch up with each other and enjoy the guilt-free perfect plate while doing it.

He is a true believer that healthy living is based on 80% of what you eat in your diet and only 20% is about exercise which is why he put high importance in choosing the healthier choice with Goodness Greens since August 2016 (2 months to date at the time of the interview) and successfully dropped 15 kilos by choosing healthier options.

For his 20% exercise, he daringly put himself in a 8-weeks challenge (Phase 1) with only food from Goodness Greens Café and base supplements from GMC and Nutrilite. With deliciously healthy meals and reliable supplements, he powered through his weekly mini challenges such as 10 push-ups in a session, posting a photo of his healthy and cleaning eating after workout meal and of course most importantly how does he keep staying active or as he puts it, “How to get rid of the sloth mentality?”

He will soon enter the Phase 2 of the challenge in early December 2016, which is yet another 8-weeks or 120 days challenge where his objective shifts from weight loss to be leaner and gaining muscle mass. We are as excited as you are as we continue following his success story of from fat to fit.

“I” is the only difference between FIT & FAT


BEFORE                                                                                     AFTER


About the community

Of course Gerald didn’t do this all alone, he had a healthy and supportive group of friends from Thailand and locally who comes from all occupational background from doctors to clinical nutritionists to fitness instructors to pharmacist where put their head together to formulate a programme that does not segment health instead it stands as one. Hence, the iForeverFit community was born. The community spread the word of balanced good food and good exercise, doing it together and no one gets left behind.


Last words

In his own words, “You gotta be healthy, eat right, do right and sleep right. Not too much on exercise but do not be stagnant. We aren’t sloths, we are human beings!” He also commented that this lifestyle that he is currently enjoying is very much is just different from going to the gym.

At the moment, Gerald wears an InBody band developed by a South Korean company that reads and tracks your body composition where it measures your protein and fat intake and could help you plan your meal guides.


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